BPO Training

bpo training

BPO training is very important for real estate professionals who are serious about jump starting their BPO REO business. There are many types of BPO training available for real estate professionals.

BPO or broker price opinion is an opinion of value of real estate that is determined by a real estate professional typically for banks, lenders, investors or anyone who needs to know the current value of real estate. The BPO or broker price opinion process involves the BPO agent visiting and taking photos of the real estate, then completing an online report including neighborhood information, information on the subject property, 3 comparable properties that are for sale and 3 comparable properties that have sold within the past 3-6 months.

The Advantage of BPO Training

Many BPO professionals guard their knowledge and secrets so that not just anyone can begin completing BPO orders. Quality BPO training will teach you how to do all of the tasks mentioned above and also include the insider tips, tricks and secrets to completing BPO orders faster.

Real estate professionals who build a BPO REO business can earn anywhere from $500 – $3,000 per week just from their BPO business alone. It is recommended that if a real estate professional wants to build a BPO REO business that they invest in BPO training first because without good BPO training a real estate professional could invest a lot of time and money into building a BPO business and receive very little, if any returns.

Investing In BPO Training

Before investing in BPO training you should do some research into the training and check the reviews and success stories. You should first complete research on the creator of the training ensuring that the creator was and is currently still in the business to ensure that you are receiving not only good information, but current information as well.

For more information on BPO training for real estate professionals please visit the BPO REO Academy.

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